Board of Management

The management of the College is entrusted to a Board of Management and the Principal

The Board of Management has the ultimate responsibility for the ethos, financial integrity and general development of the College and upholds its core beliefs and guiding values.  The Board of Management also has responsibility for authorising and developing policies. The Board comprises of 4 Trustee Nominees, 2 Teacher nominees, 2 Parent nominees and the Principal acts as secretary to the Board.

The principal objective of the Board of Management is to ensure the continuing survival and prosperity of the College in order that it may continue to provide high quality education for students in its care.  A sub-committee structure exists to assist in the management of the College, in particular in the areas of finance.The Board delegates responsibility for the day-to-day running of the College to the Principal Ms Colette O’Hagan.


Board of Management

Mrs Mary Hough


Mr Hugh Sheridan

Mr John Mc Govern

Mr John Nugent

Mrs Majella Mc Donnell

Mr Seamus Watters

Mrs Phil Lynch

Mrs Noreen Mc Intyre