First year in Mercy College

Every effort is made in Mercy College to ensure that the student is enabled to make a smooth and happy transition from primary school to secondary school. We have a number of strategies in place which are designed to make first year a positive, productive and happy experience for the student:
Transfer Programme – to help students smooth transition from Primary to Post Primary.

Students are exposed to a broad based curriculum designed to cater for a wide range of needs and abilities.

Through Art/Craft,Music and Physical Education students are encouraged to explore and develop their talents to the full.

Classes are non streamed. Learning support is provided for students who need such help. Efforts are made to try to ensure that each student is in a class group with a friend or someone she knows. Pastoral care and support is given by the Pastoral Care Team.

A well established mentoring system is provided by Fifth year students. They befriend First year students, organise activities to facilitate the bonding process between new students. The mentors play a key role in easing the transition for students to secondary school.
The observations of parents on the needs and abilities of their daughters are welcomed and encouraged by the school authorities.