Leaving Cert

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The Leaving Certificate is a two year programme. Subjects are studied at either Higher or Ordinary Level. Two subjects, Irish and Mathematics can be studied at Foundation Level. Foundation Level is geared to the needs of students who experience difficulty with those subjects at Ordinary or Higher Level.

Students usually study 6 or 7 subjects during the Senior Cycle. If following the established Leaving Certificate programme students must take at least 5 subjects including Irish.

In choosing Leaving Certificate subjects, students take note of the subjects they need for the third-level courses of their choice. For example, a student wishing to get a place on a course at one of the Universities that make up to National University of Ireland must meet a minimum entry requirement of 6 subjects, including English, Irish and a third language, Grade C on a Higher Level paper must be attained in two of these subjects.

Information about the subject requirements for each third-level course is available from the school Guidance Counsellors.

Repeat Leaving Certificate Class


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With high records of achievement, Mercy College offers:

(a) All subjects to Higher Level

(b) Individual assistance with choice of subject,

       career and third level requirements

(c) Supervised study  


This is an enhanced Leaving Certificate programme. Students take a minimum of five Leaving Certificate subjects, i.e. Irish, a modern language and two of the remaining subjects must be selected from the Vocational Subject Grouping.

Students must take three Link Modules to provide a vocational focus. These are Enterprise Education, Preparation for Work and Work Experience. The three modules are assessed as a single unit. There is a written examination and a portfolio of work must be submitted.

The students’ results in these link modules are recorded on their Leaving Certificate together with their results in the other subjects. The Link Modules are recognised in the points system by the Institutes of Technology and the National University of Ireland.


This is a self contained two year Leaving Certificate programme. It is designed to prepare students for further training and the world of work. It caters for the students whose needs are not met by the traditional academic Leaving Certificate. It is student centred, task and assignment based
with continuous assessment. Graduates of Leaving Certificate Applied can go directly into work, undertake apprenticeship with FAS or training with Fáilte Ireland. They can also join FETAC courses (PLC) and hence progress to 3rd level colleges.