Topics for Discussion at Euroscola October 2018

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Wed, Jun 27, 2018

ENVIRONMENT AND RENEWABLE ENERGIES 'What can we do to promote sustainable development?'  Is it possible to pursue economic development without endangering the planet? What policy should the European Union adopt on the environment and renewable energy? What can we do to change people’s attitudes?


 SECURITY AND HUMAN RIGHTS 'Is it acceptable to restrict human rights when security is at stake?'  What is the importance of such fundamental rights as freedom of expression, gender equality and data protection to civic culture in Europe? What should be done if an EU Member State breaches these principles? Ought Europe to restrict freedom of expression where there is a security risk? 

2018 EUROPEAN YEAR OF CULTURAL HERITAGE ‘Can we promote the cultural diversity of Europe?’How can we support the cultural sector and develop its full economic potential? What activities would you like to organize to promote intercultural dialogue? What is the impact of European cultural heritage on EU international relations?

THE FUTURE OF EUROPE ‘What is Europe's future?' What would you like to change about Europe? What form should relations between Europe and its neighbours take? What should Europe's role be in a globalised world? To what extent should Europe promote its values in the world?

MIGRATION & INTEGRATION 'What role should Europe play in the context of migration and integration?' How can we manage migration flows in the Euro-Mediterranean region?