Minutes of Parents'Association Meeting

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Tue, Sep 12, 2017

The upcoming Fundraiser "The Kube" was discussed at the meeting of 11th September 2017. Fifty three  contestants have entered  but payment needs to be made by  next week i.e  20th September by those  contestants , who have not already paid , so that their places  for the event can be confirmed. A Facebook Evevnts page is being set up for the event.

Some companies have sponsored students and teachers to take part in "The Kube" A specific e mail account is in the process of being set up for companies participating  in "The Kube" so that they can provide their logos for an advertising screen , that will run during the event.

A school text will be sent out next week launching and advertising ticket sales for the event.Tickets are to be purchased in advance.Posters and signage for "The Kube" is being arranged at present.

The next meeting of the Parents' Association will  be held on September 25th at 8 pm.